ARTIST: Carry On
TITLE: It's All Our Blood
LABEL: Youngblood Records
GENRE: Hardcore
BITRATE: 224kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 21min total
RELEASE DATE: 2005-07-12
RIP DATE: 2005-06-21
Track List
01. Roll With The Punches 1:38
02. Fuck Your Politics 1:20
03. It's Over 0:20
04. Off My Chest 2:24
05. We're Not One 0:28
06. Check Yourself 1:29
07. Pushing Forward 1:27
08. Reason For Change 1:20
09. The Line Is Drawn 1:42
10. Problem Solved 2:23
11. Pushing Forward (Version 1) 1:30
12. Move Along 2:00
13. What Once Was 2:02
14. Set The Pace 1:41

Release Notes:

Hailing from Southern California, Carry On went on to become one of the most
influential straight edge hardcore bands of this decade. This re-issue features
a re-mastering and re-sequencing of the original pressing of It's All Our Blood
CD. It's All Our Blood features the Roll With The Punches and The Line Is Drawn
EPs along with Carry On's track from the Memories Of Tomorrow Hardcore
Compilation originally issued on Youngblood Records.